3 Day Turnaround!

Sometimes our expertise outpaces our tools. That’s why we utilize a patented enclosure modification machine (Perforex BC 1008 HS) that gives us proprietary technology to create the holes for customized enclosures in Colorado clients faster than anyone else.



  • Fully automatic drilling, tapping and milling

  • Cuts steel, stainless steel, aluminum, polycarbonate, plastic and fiberglass (FRP)

  • Easy to program

  • Retains layout


  • Maximum panel size: 1500mm x 2300mm

  • Maximum enclosure size: 1600mm x 2300mm x 2200mm

What do you need modified?

Back Panels

Full Enclosures


Palmer can take low volume orders (Between 1 and 100) to custom modify your enclosures.

With a 3 day turnaround, we can turn an a lengthy, expensive project into something far more fast and efficient.


Palmer can take save you time and money by cutting, drilling or tapping back panels for your enclosures.

The system is easy to program from AutoCAD and EPLAN.

Rental Pricing Table

Download the    pricing table     HERE   .

Download the pricing table HERE.

Interested in taking advantage of our enclosure modification services?